Kibaru Manufacturing Sdn Bhd | About Kibaru
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About Kibaru

From R & D to Asia Pacific’s Leading Manufacturer

About Kibaru

Kibaru Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (Kibaru) incorporated in 1996, grew from a small research and development (R & D) in the mid 80s to become the current leading manufacturer of rubber components in the Asia Pacific. Its impressive 18-year track record in R & D has put Kibaru in the forefront in the design and manufacturing of rubber components in the region.


Kibaru’s many significant creative and technological breakthroughs through the years have exerted much influence on the development and growth of the rubber component manufacturing industry. We’ve wide experiences working with many local company as well as international corporations in the IT, Electronics, Audio-Visual, Telecommunication, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Home Appliance Industries & etc..


With the partnership and support from its Japanese counterpart in 1996, Kibaru start involve into manufacture own rubber component products carrying the brand name, Kibaru.


Today, while Kibaru continues in R & D , it main focus has shifted to the manufacturing of a wide range of rubber component products, catering to the many related industries in the international market.


Kibaru also supplies food and medical grade products with FDA material approved as well as cleanroom facilities for our production to our customers. Has assisted many corporations in continuously upgrading their products’ quality to effectively compete in the global market.


Furthermore, KIBARU also have our own in-house rubber & silicone compounding fabrication & mold-maker.

We offer

– Natural / Synthetic Rubber End Plugs
– Anti-Static And Conductive Rubber Parts
– Extruded Natural / Synthetic Rubber Tubing
– Rubber Footings With Or Without Adhesive Tape
– General Rubber Components, Extrusions and Profiles
– Cleanroom Extruded Synthetic / Natural Rubber Parts
– Electrical Natural / Synthetic Rubber Appliances Parts
– Custom-able Moulded Natural / Synthetic Rubber Parts
– Metal / Plastic Bonding Natural / Synthetic Rubber Parts
– Custom-able Extruded Natural / Synthetic Rubber Profile
– Product for Electronic, Automotive & Medical Rubber Parts

Kibaru’s 26,000 sq ft factory premise is located in Kedah, Malaysia. It employs some 175 staff including 3 design engineers, admin staff and production operators. Currently, 90% of its products is exported, directly or indirectly to countries such as China, Spain, Brazil, US and Japan while the remaining 10% is sold to local OEMs and MNCs.