Kibaru Manufacturing Sdn Bhd | Custom Extruded & Moulded Products
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Custom Extruded & Moulded Products

Custom Extruded & Moulded Products

Your sealing needs most often require special attention to the exact proprietary specifications of your product – without compromise. Our business is founded on just that.

“Custom” is not a scary word with connotations of high tooling costs, special preparations and long leadtimes.

Our R&D and manufacturing systems are organized for quick turnaround prototyping at minimal budget considerations.


Custom Extruded Products

Virtually any shape can be made. Your Imagination is the only limitation.


Custom Precision Moulded Products

Grommets, bumpers, footing, elbows, bellows, metal bonding, sheets, similar shapes and etc…


Materials for Custom Extruded & Moulded Products

KIBARU uses a wide variety of quality materials to manufacture custom moulded  to function in an extensive range of applications, home appliance, industries and specific environments. If you are not sure which material is suitable for your application, please send in your inquiry today to assist you.


Custom Formulation For Chemical Resistance, Temperature Resistance, and Mechanical Properties ; And Colour Matching

We specialize in applications assistance to identify alternative production approaches to save cost